2021 Indoor Office Plants Rental Singapore Pacakge

Low maintenance plants available for rental for your offices and venues. Our office plants are a great addition to your office space and cubicles. Liven up your office space with the rental of our plants and tabletop plants. All our plants rental are inclusive of delivery, set-up and teardown, so leave all the hassle to us and enjoy the greens in your office! We also offer landscaping design services for your events and exhibtions.

Office Plants Rental Singapore

Selection of indoor plants available for rental for your offices and venues. The indoor plants will improve the appearance of your offices, making it a pleasant environment for you to work. Enquire with us today to let us know your requirements!



(Minimum 6 months contract)​

Office Plants Rental

  • Price dependent on the type and quantity of plants

  • Monthly maintenance provided will include watering and trimming​

indoor office plants rental singapore
Aglaonema 'diamond bay'
Aglaonema 'silver queen'
Chamaedorea seifrizii
Calathea makoyana
Dracaena fragrans
Dracaena surculosa
indoor office plants rental singapore
Dracaena gymlis
Dypsis lutescens
Epipremnum aureum
Ficus lyrata
Ficus elastica
Dracaena fragrans 'green'
indoor office plants rental singapore
Licuala grandis
Philodendron 'gold'
Philodendron 'green heart'
Philodendron 'congo red'
Pleomele reflexa
indoor office plants rental singapore
Rhapis excelsa
Rhapis multifida
Schefflera arboricola

Landscaping Design Singapore

For your events and exhibitions, we also provide landscaping designs with flowers of different variations. Perfect for your rostrum and stage decorations.

Landscaping Design Plants

Perfect stage decorations for your special events! Variety of flower and non-flowering plants to make the perfect stage prop.

Landscaping Design Rental:

Price by /ftrun

From 1ft to 8ft height

Either 1/ 2/ 3 tiers

Do let us know how many days you require the rental!

Indoor office plants for rent!