Carnival Equipment & Carnival Games

& Arcade Machine Rental

Voted TOP RATED GAME STALL Rental in Singapore! We have a wide selection of carnival games and arcade games available for rental - Meltdown Wipeout Inflatable, Basketball Arcade Machine, Electronic Hammer High Striker, Claw Machine, and many more! Create a carnival themed birthday party or event with the carnival games stalls provided at JNR Entertainment! We are well equipped with all in-house equipment for rental! 

      TIC TAC TOE                  COLOR MATCH                   CAN TOSS              STAND A BOTTLE


 SHARP SHOOTER           HUNGRY PIG               HUNGRY BEAR               EGG TOSS




Carnival Game Stalls Rental

Rental of 3 Game Stalls at $288 

4 Game Stalls at $350

5 Game Stalls at $400

8 Game Stalls $630

10 Game Stalls $750 

15 Game Stalls $1000

* Price excludes manpower, prizes & table

Retro Game Stalls

Retro Country Rubber, Retro Fivestone, Retro Marble Goli, Retro Pickup Sticks, Retro Chapteh, Retro Twister,

Retro Uno Stacko, Retro Hopscotch

Premium Retro Game: Giant Jenga, Giant Pick Up Stick, Giant Aeroplane Chess, Giant Snack & Ladder

*NEW* Carnival Game Stalls

Lobster Pot, Coin Toss, Ring Toss, Save the Sheep

Mug Slider, Egg Toss, Fisherman, Monkey Banana,

Save Baby Shark, Wire Buzz, Feed the Fish,

Feed the Clown, Automatic Baseball

EMAIL US for a full list of carnival game stalls catalogue with price list!

  ** Customized game stalls available **


* Manpower Solution for game stalls is available too!


Game Prizes for Game Stalls:

300 Prizes - $250

500 Prizes - $300

1000 Prizes - $500

* Premium Prizes (Socks, Fidget Spinner)

PROMO: 200 Premium Prizes - $300

* 100 Funfair Style Prizes Handheld Cartoon Balloon $350

     BASKETBALL                TIC TAC TOE                LORD OF THE RING        SHARP SHOOTER



Portable table rental 4x2 ft - $20

Portable table with black skirting 4x2 ft - $30




Premium game stalls, similar to regular game stalls, however, it's using a digital print backdrop for each game & in a solid black case

(Excludes self-standing backdrop as shown in the image which comes at additional cost)

*** Full 8 Premium Carnival Station $850^ ***


- XL Balloon Darts $250 (Exchange of 3 carnival game)

- XL Golf Course $200 (Exchange of 3 carnival game)

- XL Mug Slider $200 (Exchange of 3 carnival game)

- XL Lobster Pot $150 (Exchange of 2 carnival game)

- Giant Aeroplane Chess $200

- XL Automatic Baseball shooter $200

- XL Jumbo Bowling with Red Carpet $200

- XL 6 Ft Pool Table $300

- XL Foosball Soccer Table $250

- Wii Station w TV  Rental $350 / Wii Station with Projector

- PS4 Game Station w TV Rental $400

- Nintendo Switch Station Rental Singapore $550

- Radio Remote Cars $600-800

- XL Fake Fish Fishing Station $350

- Long Kang Fishing w 500 Fishes $950 / 1000 Fishes $1600

- Dunking Machine Rental $650

- Bubble Soccer Game 

- Paddle Boat Rental 4 for $600

- Fun Fair Carnival Game Booth w Gazebo Tent $800

Airplane Toss

2D XL Game


5ft x 5ft

Toss a paper airplane and land it onto the targets!


Chope Seat Lah!

2D XL Game


5ft x 5ft

A twist on our local Singaporean tradition of chope-ing seats with tissue paper packets!


Coin Toss

2D XL Game


5ft x 5ft

Toss a coin onto the targets!


Giant Archery Toss

2D XL Game


4ft x 8ft

Throw the ball and reach the targets!


**2D XL Games: 1 Game Stall = $120, 3 Game Stalls = $300**

Giant Wire Buzz Rental Singapore


2m x 1.8m

Life-size Wire Buzz game to test your speed and skills! Keep your hands steady!


Fast Hands Reactivity Machine Rental


1.2m x 2.2m

1 player or 2 players game - test your reaction time by catching the falling sticks!


Professional Foosball Soccer Table

Football/ soccer table perfect for your parties and events!

$350 up to 6 hours

Additional $150 for LED

Wheel of Fortune Rental Singapore


90cm x 62cm x 220cm

Spin the wheel and you shall receive a prize! Great for crowd puller and lucky draw!


(Customised: $500)

Retro Video Arcade Rental Singapore


Up to 600 retro games such as Street Fighter, Metal Slug, etc! Perfect tabletop retro video arcade game for 2 players!

$500 up to 4 Hrs

Giant Pick-up Stick Rental Singapore


35 inch wooden sticks



XL Beer Hook Ring Toss Rental Singapore

4ft x 4ft


XL Fake Fishing

Rental Singapore

c/w inflatable pool and fake fishes 

$350 up to 4 Hrs

Archery Tag

Rental Singapore

Let us know the number of sets you require!

Giant Balloon Dart Wall


4ft x 8ft


Tug of War Challenge Rope Rental

25 Metre Rope - Made from Cotton to prevent hand friction injury

Traditional 12m 4 way tug of war challenge rope


25m Tug of War Rope Rental:

$150 up to 4 hours

XL Giant Jenga Rental Singapore

3m x 3m

Hardwood Giant Jenga game

$250 up to 4 hours


Giant Snake & Ladder Game

3m x 3m life-size snake and ladder board game rental Singapore

Giant Board Game Rental:


Inclusive of 2-way delivery & set up

Cash Flow Machine Booth​ Rental


Money catching Machine Participants will be invited into a booth filled with cash/coupons

(Cash Flow Machine exclude Voucher)

PROMO: 4 Hrs $350 


(Advisable to use hand instead going in)

Playstation VR Virtual Reality Rental

VR Arcade Games Station


Games: Ocean VR Views (5-7m)

VR Gliding on Road (2-3m)

Gangster & Shooting (3-5m)

VR Ball Danger (Kids Friendly)
Robotic Scavenger (5-7m)

Min 3-4 hours VR Rental

$600 (PROMO: $500)

c/w PlayStation VR & TV

Arcade Game Machine Rental Singapore

Selection of popular arcade machines such as the Basketball Arcade, High Striker and Claw Machine! Guaranteed to create the carnival-like atmosphere at your event! Fun time for everyone!

Large Air Hockey Arcade Table Game Rental

Up to 4 players

Commercial 7.5ft x 4.5ft

Air Hockey Table 

$750 up to 6 hours

PROMO: $500 (Unloading Accessible Area)

Basketball Arcade Machine Rental ​


1x Ppt

Most popular arcade basketball machine rental is here! Available in Single & Twin Unit

Basketball Machine Rental:

$1000 & dual at $1500

PROMO: $800

(Trolley Accessible Area)

Electronic High Striker 

Arcade Machine Rental

1x Ppt (7ft ht)

Arcade Game Machine Rental: $800 up to 6 hours

PROMO: $550
(Trolley Accessible Area)

Crane Toy Catcher Claw Machine Rental 


1x Ppt & w/o prizes &

50 Colour balls rental

Arcade Game Claw Machine Rental Singapore: $850

PROMO: $600

Customised Printing $350

(Trolley Accessible Area) 

LED Kids Bumper Car Rental Singapore

4x3m Inflatable Barriers 

4x LED Kids Bumper Cars

Up to 4 hours Bumper car rental Singapore

PROMO: $800


Electronic Puncher Boxing Arcade Machine

1x Ppt

0.9m x 1.4m x 2.4m​

Arcade Game Machine Rental: $800 up to 6 hours

Retro High Striker

Rental Carnival Style

Test your strength with this!

1.5m x 2.4m x 5.2m

Arcade Game Machine Rental: $850 up to 6 hours

PROMO: $800

PAC MAN & Mini Multi Arcade Games

A classic & retro games from pac man and many other mini exciting games


Mini Arcade Machine Rental: $850 up to 6 hours for 2 units

Arcade Video Game Rental

Turn your venue into a arcade funland with all these machines. Up to 2 players


Traditional Arcade Video Game Machine Rental:

 $650 up to 6 hours

PROMO: $600 Standing Video Game Arcade

Arcade Shooting Game Rental

Many shooting arcade games in Singapore Time Crisis, Point Blank 

Time Crisis Shooting game arcade rental:

$1500 up to 6 hours

(TWIN - 2 players)

PROMO: $1000 Alien 3 The Gun Arcade Game 2 Player

Kiddy Carousel Rental 

6 Kiddy Carousel Ride rental to create a kids carnival wonderland funfair


Singapore Carousel Rental

6 Seater Price: $3300

12 Seater $5350

Bishi Bashi Arcade


Bishi Bashi is a retro 90s fav arcade machine up to 3 players VS by hitting the buttons


Bishi bashi Arcade Machine Rental: $1200 up to 6 hours

PROMO: $1000

Mini Carousel Rental 

Mini 3 Kiddy Carousel Ride rental to create a kids carnival wonderland funfair

Rent Mini Carousel 3 Seater:

$1200 up to 6 hours

Daytona Arcade Rental

Many driving arcade games in Singapore Daytona Game, Maximum Tune, Hummer Extreme for rent!

Daytona driving game rental:

$1500 up to 6 hours

(TWIN - 2 players)

PROMO: $1200

Hummer Extreme Racing Arcade Rental

Many driving arcade games in Singapore Daytona Game, Maximum Tune for rent!

Driving game rental:

$1500 up to 6 hours

(TWIN - 2 players)

Animals Ride Rental 

Inspired ZOOMOOV Animal Rides Rental


2 Animals 2 hrs $350 Sub Hr $100
3 Animals 2 hrs $450 Sub hr $90
4 Animals 3 hrs $600 Sub Hr $100

5 Animals 3 hrs $650 Sub Hr $100

Add $80/Ride

Kiddy Rides Rental 

Kiddy Cars Rides rental w Motorcycle to drive around!

The rides are all fully charged.



3 Hrs $400 for 4 Kiddy Ride 
Add 1 Ride at $100 

Sub Hr $100

LED Lighted Cone Rental

Decoration Lighting


Colors change automatically

LED Lighted Cones Rent

1x 13 amp each cone

4 Lighted Cones: $350 for 5 hours

Inclusive of 2 way delivery & set up

Sky Dancer Tube Rental / Dancing Tube Rental

Event Inflatable Decorations

4x dancing tube rental

$380 w delivery

PROMO $300

6x Dancing Tubes Rental:

Inclusive of 2 way delivery

& set up
1x 13 Amp/dancing  tube

Tarot Card Reading

Enter the world of divination as our artist read and predict your future. Believe it or not, it's up to you!


1 Hr - $150
2 Hrs - $300
3 Hrs - $400

Palm Reading Service

Palm reading is always popular for mass crowd.

1 Hr - $180 

3 Hrs - $450

Sub hr $150

Roving Clown​

Lighten up your carnival with a roving clown! Take photos, play a game or even dance with our roving clown!

1st Hr $150
2 Hrs $300
3 Hrs $400

Suitable for Carnival day

Fancy Colour Hair Spray 

Colour your hair temporarily with funky colours such as red, blue, yellow, green! Guaranteed fun for all your guests!


1st Hr $150
2 Hrs $300
3 Hrs $400

DJI Drone Rental Singapore

The perfect creative companion for you to enjoy an immersive viewing experience!

Let us know the duration you require for rental!

Stilt Walkers​

A classic essential at circuses and carnivals, stilt walkers is both eye-catching and awe inspiring as well. Hire our talented stilt walkers to amaze your guests at parties and events!

1st Hr $300
2   Hrs $500
3   Hrs $650

Science Wacky Mirrors Rental

59x22x179cm 4 type of effects

1 Wacky Mirror Rental - $350 

4 Wacky Mirrors Rental - $800

2 way delivery included

Carnival Fun Fair Games Stalls with Gazebo Tents

1x Gazebo Tent 3x3m

3x Tables with skirting

4-12 players Fun Fair Carnival Games

200 Game Prizes 

1x Operator up to 4 hours

1x Fun Fair Carnival Game $800

3x Fun Fair Carnival Games $2000

-Carnival Game Stalls                         -Family Magic Show

-Popcorn and Candy Floss                 -Emcee

-Roving Clown                                      -Sound System

-Balloon Sculpting                               -Photobooth

-Face Painting                                      -Bouncy Castle

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? 

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